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How to efficiently navigate through the LocusNOC interface

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LocusNOC allows users to seamlessly navigate between pages to optimize workflows. The Search-Browse Pane allows users to switch between different platform functions without needing to re-search for the selected site or component. Advanced searches and groups allow users to quickly view sites and components based on defined criteria.


The various pages of LocusNOC are displayed along the top of the platform. The pages include:



Latest Data


Charting Tool



All pages can be accessed by clicking the icon on the header. The Overview page also serves as a navigational jumping-off point and contains shortcuts to the various pages.

Search-Browse Pane

The fixed Search-Browse Pane allows users to search for and select any desired element from their fleet. Sites can be expanded or collapsed to navigate through the components of a site hierarchy. The search box allows for searching by full or partial client username, client last name, client first name, site name, component name, node id (colon separated), client tags, and component tags.

When clicking between pages, the Search-Browse Pane will maintain a search. This feature allows users to switch between different platform functions without needing to re-search for the selected site or component.  If only one site is returned in a given search, the site will auto-expand in the search-browse pane.

Advanced Search and Grouping

Users can narrow a fleet down to a subset of sites by using an advanced search or creating a group.

The advanced search allows the user to search and filter sites based on multiple criteria. To access the Advanced Search, click on the icon in the right hand side of the search bar.

Once the Advanced Search bar is expanded, select criteria based on text, location, alerts,installer, startup date, or equipment.

Users can create "groups" from the advanced search bar based on defined criteria. A group is dynamic and will update as long as sites meet the criteria. Each page on LocusNOC can be filtered by a group and reports can be group-specific.

The Tags field for each site can be used as create a group based on a common text field. Each site has five Tag fields. Tags are updated at the site-level on the Config page.

To add a Group name, and click the ADD button. The group will then appear as one of the options on the Search-Browse Pane throughout the different pages of LocusNOC.

Note: Groups appear in the heading of the Overview page.

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