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Introduction to Latest Data
Introduction to Latest Data

An introduction to the Latest Data page in LocusNOC

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Latest Data

The Latest Data page provides a real-time snapshot of the site performance. It allows the user to quickly check the latest connect time and most relevant datapoints for every component on site. Open alerts and the most recent performance data for measured components are quickly shown at the site level. Selecting a component allows the user to view all measured data points and compare multiple components at once.

Update July 2018

The latest data page now includes: 

  • Quick links to the charting tool and config pages for each component

  • NodeID for each component within the table making it easy to see at a glance

  • AC Energy Today (kWh) for devices reporting AC Energy

The Latest Data page displays at both the site and component level as detailed below. Latest Data can be set to auto-refresh in the upper right hand corner at 5 or 15 minute increments.

Site Level

At the site level, Latest Data displays every component with measured data points.   Open alerts, NodeID of the component, the latest timestamp, data point type, data value, and AC Energy today (if applicable)  are shown on a single table.

The Latest Data field is automatically chosen based on the data the device sends.  Data will be shown if the data field is contained within this list, with higher data fields taking precedence:   

Measured AC Power

Measured AC Energy

Measured DC Current

Measured DC Input Current

DC Current String 01

Measured Irradiance Plane of Array

Measured Irradiance Global Horizontal 

Measured Irradiance Other

Measured Temperature Ambient

Measured Temperature Panel 

Measured Wind Speed

The informational button to the right of each component displays the Equipment details including OEM and Model selected from the config page


Alerts display the open time and link to the alert page.


Component Level

Users can select components through the search browse pane. The Latest Data page can support up to 30 components at one time and will display components in sets of 5. At the component level, the page will display all measured data points for each selected component.  The side by side comparison allows for easy analysis of components.

The informational button to the right of each component displays the NodeId and Equipment type.

Alerts display the open time and link to the alert page.

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