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Grouping and Advanced Search
Grouping and Advanced Search

Create Groups of sites that meet specific search criteria

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LocusNOC allows a user to search based on Advanced search criteria including Text, Site Location, Open Alerts, Installers, Equipment Type and Performance Ratios.  From an advanced search it is also possible to create a more permanent group of sites.Groups are segments of a fleet that meet specific criteria. These Groups are dynamic, meaning that once a Group is set based on criteria, any new sites that meet that criteria in the future, will also become a part of that Group. Groups can be used to help your daily workflow or make it easy to perform analysis on a certain portfolio of sites that you are responsible for.

Selecting the Advanced Search icon to the right of the search bar on any page of LocusNOC will open the Advanced Search Pane

The Advanced Search window is shown below, with the various ways to search the portal to create groups.

The user is able to search based on various criteria including:

  • Text SearchLocation

  • Open Alerts

  • Installer

  • Startup Date

  • Equipment Type

  • Performance Ratios

 Text Search

Searches can also be done by text using either full or partial information in one of the following fields:

  • Node ID

  • First & last names

  • Street address

  • City

  • State

  • Component name

  • Custom fields

  • Email address

  • Note: Searches cannot be done across fields.


The Location filter allows the user to search for sites that match the specified option for any of the following:

  • Country

  • State

  • City

Open Alerts

  • The Open Alerts filter allows the user to select sites with the following open alerts:  . Device Faults

  • System Disconnect

  • Zero Generation

  • Performance Index

  • String Performance


The Installer option filters components by the installer listed in the Install Info section of the Site Details tab.

Startup Date

This option filters components based on how recently they have started up, according to the values specified in the Install Info section of the Site Details on the Config page.

Equipment Type

The Equipment Type filter allows the user to select components according to the OEM and model of the equipment, as listed in the Component Details on the Config page.

  • Component

  • OEM

  • Model

Note: If using both the Component Type and OEM filters, components will only appear if both the component type and equipment type match.

Ex: Selecting Inverters type “SMA” and Component Type “Meter - Solar” will display no results.

Ex: Selecting Inverters type “SMA” and Component Type “Inverter” will display all results containing SMA inverters.

Performance Ratio

The Performance Ratio filter allows the user to hone in on systems that are or are not meeting specific performance criteria.  This can be helpful to create a dynamic group of underperforming sites the can be quickly checked on as part of your normal daily/weekly process.

To clear all filters and start the search over, you can click the “Clear all filters” just above the text field.


After applying the specific search criteria, a group can be created by entering a group name and clicking ‘Add’. This group will now be available on all pages of LocusNOC under the fleet/group dropdown.

In the following example, a search was done for all sites that include an IMT - Si-RS485-TC-2T-V - Weather Station. After clicking the search button the applicable sites show up on the right and a group can be added by entering a name and clicking Add.

The group labeled “IMT” is now available through all pages of LocusNOC using the fleet/group dropdown.

Once a group is applied in the left pane from any page, this group selection will persist as the user moves throughout the various pages of the app.  Clicking the “X”” will go back to viewing the whole fleet.

 Resetting Group

From the Overview Page

From all other views

Common Groups Examples:

Portfolio containing “XYZ” in the name of sites (Text Field/Tag) - “XYZ Portfolio”

All sites with a CA address (Location) - “CA Sites”

All sites with open device faults (Alerts) - “Sites with Faults”

Sites with specific OEM/Model inverter (Equipment) - “OEM Sites”

All sites commissioned in last 90 days (Startup Date) - “Built last 90 days”

Editing/Deleting Groups

Groups can be edited by clicking on the group name in the fleet/group dropdown on any page of LocusNOC and then clicking the Advanced Search Icon with the group name selected. The Advanced Search Pane will populate that shows the group name and search selections that were made for the group. Changes can be made here and the group can be updated by pressing the update button, to the right of the group name at the bottom. Deleting the group is possible using the Delete Group button at the bottom of the Advanced Search Pane. The user will have to confirm deletion after clicking the Delete Group button.

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