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The Batch Upload tool allows you to upload up to 30 years of monthly energy expectations data or agency access for multiple sites at once.

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Users can batch upload Agency Access and Energy Expectations for multiple sites at once via the Config page. After clicking on the config page, click Fleet in the Search-Browse pane to access the Batch Upload page.

Agency Batch Upload

Users can use the Agency Batch Upload tool to allow other partner companies Agency View access to clients.
Start by downloading the agency assignment template.

Enter client usernames along with the associated partner companies.

Upload the updated CSV file.

An email with the results of the upload will be sent to the account's admin email address. To extract previously uploaded Agency View assignments, run the Agency Clients Report under Reports - Fleet Reports

Energy Expectations

The Batch Upload tool allows the user to upload up to 30 years of monthly energy expectations data for multiple sites at once.

Note: Monthly energy expectation values are summed to provide annual values.

The upload csv follows the same format as a single-site upload, with the addition of an identifying Node ID per site. If there is more than one component on a given site, select any of the components' Node IDs to include in the csv.

Note: This Node ID is an identifier for the site. If data is uploaded for multiple Node IDs that are registered to the same site, only the data from the most recent upload will be applied to that site and its prior data will be overwritten.

After downloading the template, the Energy Expectations would need to be uploaded. The user can also enter the email address where they would like to receive the response.

If any formatting errors are identified in the file, these errors will be detailed immediately on the upload page. If no formatting errors are found, the upload will begin further processing. Errors identified thereafter will be described in an email sent to the address entered at the time of upload.

To extract previously uploaded Energy Expectations, navigate to the Reports page. Under Fleet Reports, run the Energy Expectations Report. Select the option to extract for sites excluding Agencies or for all sites.

Note: Updated Energy Expectations will be reflected in the Fleet Performance Report after 11:00 UTC of the next day.

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