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Introduction to Reports
Introduction to Reports

An introduction to the Reports page in LocusNOC

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The Reporting Interface is broken down into 4 main sections: Data Extracts, Graphical Reports, Fleet Reports, and Saved Reports. These sections are listed in the top menu bar.

  • Data Extracts are the most impactful update we have made to the reporting capabilities of LocusNOC - they enable you to construct custom data extracts comprised of any set of sites or components and available data types. The interface provides powerful ways to quickly and easily create, run, and save these extracts. The platform has extended the allowed limits of data extraction, providing much more flexibility in extracting the data you need.

  •  Graphical reports allow users to setup customizable visual reports that utilize our set of widget options from Dashboards and are easily printed or emailed.

  • Fleet Reports allow users to extract both metadata and performance data for the entirety of their fleet. There are a number of templates and report types from which to choose.

  • Saved Reports give users the ability to schedule reports utilizing controls around accessing, running, and editing saved reports.

Each of these report types are described in the following articles:


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