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MyLocusEnergy Mobile App
MyLocusEnergy Mobile App

The MyLocusEnergy Mobile App allows your customers to view data for a single site

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What is the MyLocusEnergy app?

The MyLocusEnergy App, available for iOS and Android, allows end-users (clients) to monitor their production for a single site.  This app is not intended for use by installers or for overall fleet management.

The app provides end-users with insights into the performance of their system by showcasing current output and system production over a variety of timeframes.   Users can easily compare current production to historical trends through an intuitive interface with easy-to-read system output and visual graphs.  Simply toggle through more detailed data of each timeframe with a single click.  Weather data for the site location provides context of current conditions that can affect system production.  In addition, users can also see how their system provides meaningful environmental benefits by utilizing renewable energy sources. 

Invite an end-user to the MyLocusEnergy app

It's simple to invite an end-user to the MyLocusEnergy app.  The first step is to make sure that the users email, name, and timezone are entered correctly in LocusNOC.   

When the site is selected, click on the button in the upper right for “Client View Configuration”

Basic Info

If you never configured the client information yourself, the LocusNOC app will have created default client information along with the initial creation of the site.  This information will need to be replaced with the real client information. 

  1. Replace the Email with the homeowner’s email.  This must be a real email as it will be where the app invitation gets sent and will become their username for the MyLocusEnergy app. 

  2. Enter the First and Last Name for the homeowner. 

  3. Select the Timezone.  The timezone selected here will be the timezone that gets used in the MyLocusEnergy app, so it must be set to the actual timezone of the homeowner’s site.

  4. Click Save Client Info

Please ignore the change password functionality - this does not apply to customers utilizing the MyLocusEnergy app.  

Mobile App Invite - MyLocusEnergy

Click to the Mobile App Invite tab.  Verify that the customer email shown here is correct and then click the button to Send Email Invite to the homeowner.  Only do this AFTER client information has been updated in steps 1-4 above.  

Within a few minutes, the homeowner should receive an email (Subject: Welcome to the MyLocusEnergy App) with links to download the mobile app, along with their username and temporary password. When signing in for the first time, users can expect to reset their temporary password.

Guide to the MyLocusEnergy app

This article will detail out information about the mobile below.  However, you may click the button below to view the following information as a sharable PDF file.


About the MyLocusEnergy App

You can see your site address, system size, and current weather across the top of the app.   

System production can be affected by any weather that reduces the amount of sun hitting your panels, such as clouds, rain, or snow.  

The system size is determined by the capacity of the installed PV panels and inverter(s).  Your system can never produce more than this amount at any given time.

The current power tile shows how much power your system is currently generating.  Production typically peaks in the middle of the day when the sun is the most powerful and highest in the sky.

These four tiles display the total energy the system has generated for Today, This Month, This Year, and the Lifetime of the system.  

You can tap on each one of the tiles to call-up the associated graph to visualize the energy production.  

Below these tiles there is an option to see the previous day, month, or year’s production which you can tap on to compare current performance to historical trends.

You can click the chart to see specific values.

The bottom tile in the app displays the environmental benefits of your system.  It shows the lifetime energy generation in terms of pounds of CO2 offset.

According to the EPA, on average, 1 kWh of renewable energy serves to offset about 1.64 lbs of CO2.  For reference, the average car produces 20 lbs of CO2 per gallon of gas consumed - this amounts to approx. 10,000 lbs per year for a typical vehicle (22mpg at 11,500 mi/yr). Additionally, the average tree only consumes about 50 lbs of CO2 per year. 

Every bit helps and the CO2 offset you are producing by utilizing clean solar energy provides relief to our planet.

These options at the top of the page will allow you to refresh the data in the app and to Logout or Reset your password. 

Please note that energy data for the app may only be updated every 1-2 hours, so this delay is normal.


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