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Bulk Acknowledgment and Comments
Bulk Acknowledgment and Comments

Alerts actions can be performed in bulk for an entire table of filtered alerts

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You are now able to bulk acknowledge, remove acknowledgment, and add a comment for alerts within LocusNOC.  Bulk actions are possible when viewing site or component level alerts and are not available while viewing alerts for the whole fleet or group.  The bulk action feature allows you to quickly acknowledge or apply the same comment to many alerts at once with only a few clicks.  

A typical use-case for wanting to apply a bulk comment or acknowledgement would be if a larger site tripped or had a weather event that triggered 10s or 100s of alerts and you want to quickly acknowledge all the similar open alerts and add a note with just a few clicks.

To perform a bulk action on alerts:

  • Navigate to the Alerts Page and a site with open alerts

  • You can also jump directly to a site’s Alerts page using the Alert quicklink on the overview page to the left of a site’s name

  • Click the checkboxes (left-side) next to the alerts you want to acknowledge 

  • You can also click the check box in the header to quickly select all alerts

  • The lower pane will display “# Alerts Selected” - click to perform one of the actions.  You can acknowledge or remove acknowledgment, and/or add comments to many alerts at once.

  • A confirmation prompt “Are you sure…” will appear to ensure you want to perform the bulk acknowledgement, click the “CONFIRM” button

  • You will see a banner at the top of the window announcing that the bulk action was successful.

  • The alerts selected will now show the  icon in the alerts table indicating they are all acknowledged.

Other Notes:

  • All alert actions are visible to any user that has access to the site and component data.  This includes other users in your company as well as any users from other companies with agency access to the site.

  • Only read/write users can perform these actions.  If you do not have read/write access to a particular site, you will not se the options to bulk or singularly acknowledge or comment on alerts.

  • You can click the individual alert rows to see alert details and perform actions on single alerts.  The Alert Details pane must be closed prior to performing a bulk action.

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