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This article contains the most commonly asked software questions.

Q: If I add two meters to the client's site, will the client be able to see both meters in their Client View?
A: If multiple meters are created under one client, the total value for those meters is displayed on the Client View.
If the client would like to see more granular information there are a couple of options:

1. Enable the 'Report Extract' option from the Client Details > Settings tab.  This will add an option for 'Report Spreadsheet' to the list of Report Types within the Client Portal for that client.  The Report Spreadsheet provides generation details at the component level.

2. Create multiple client accounts with different email addresses and add one meter to each account.

Q: I just connected my LGate, but it shows up as "Offline" when my client logs into the website. What's going on?
A: Once the client, site , and component are created on SolarNOC and the monitoring device is correctly installed, it can take up to an hour for energy generation to appear on the client's website, depending on the monitoring device installed.
When you log into your company's account, you can view up-to-date readings in the Charting Tool within 5 minutes of confirming connectivity and adding the Node ID to the Add Component page.

Q: Why can't I update my client's information on the website?
A: If you have a read-only user account or have agency access to this client, you will not be able to update information for this client or their sites and components.
If you have a read-only user account, someone at your company with a read/write account should be able to either provide you with read/write access or update the client's information themselves.
If you have been given agency access to this client, please contact the company that provided you with this access to update this client's information.

Q: How do I set up additional user accounts in our partner portal?
A: To add new users to your company's portal, navigate to the User List section and add a new account there.

Q: How do I change the username and password for my client?
A: If the client has forgotten their password, they can retrieve an automated password themselves by selecting the "Forgot Password?" link on the log-in page.

To change their username and password for them, navigate to the Basic Info section of the Add Client/Project section.

Q: The device on-site doesn't account for the lifetime generation of the PV system. How do I account for the energy generation it didn't record?
A: If the device on-site was installed after the PV system or if energy generation was missed during a power outage or device failure, it is possible to account for this gap in energy generation so the client can view the full lifetime energy of the PV system.
After you calculate the energy generation that the device did not record, add that value to the Baseline Generation field on the Add Component page. Once this information is saved, this value is added to the "Generated to Date" value on the Client View for this client.
Note : This Baseline Generation value does not adjust any graphs in the partner or client site.
If the energy generation that wasn't accounted for is for an incentive program (CSI, GATS, Mass CEC, NEPOOOL), please contact our Incentive Reporting group at to determine if that energy generation can be added to future cycles.

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