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There are a few ways to extract measured energy from LocusNOC to use for billing purposes.  The charting tool allows you to visualize the energy data before extracting it, while the Data extract allows you to schedule a recurring report to be delivered on a monthly basis.

Charting Tool

Using the charting tool, plot the relevant chart for the Site/Meter's Measured AC Energy for the period.

Next, click on the export icon in the upper-right of the chart and then "CSV" to extract the data currently displayed in the chart to a csv file.

Reports/Data Extract

-Under Reports, select the Site/Meter you want to get data for, then check Measured AC Energy and click the "Add" button at the bottom of the Data Available pane.

-Next, name the report and select the granularity (daily) and time period (last month)

-Add the email address where you would like the report sent and check off "Repeat" and the frequency you want the report to be delivered (1 month).

-Finally, click the save button "Save" button to save the scheduled report. 

Please reach out to your account manager to find out other options for managing billing.

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