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Adding Company Logos to LocusNOC
Adding Company Logos to LocusNOC

Upload new logos, select a logo for the LocusNOC Header, attach logos to Graphical Reports

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Users can now upload company logos to appear in the LocusNOC header and/or to attach to Graphical Reports.  

Upload a new logo

  • Click your user info in the upper right corner of LocusNOC.

  • Select "Settings" from the dropdown menu.

  • Select "Company Logos"

  • Under "Upload Logo" in the upper right, click the File input to select a file from your computer.   Click "Upload".

Supported Image Types: PNG, JPEG

File size may not exceed 1 MB

  • The logo will appear in the list on the left.

Setting a logo to appear in the LocusNOC header 

  • Once a logo is uploaded following the instructions above, simply select that logo from the dropdown under "Select LocusNOC Header Logo" and click "Update".

  • This logo will now appear in the LocusNOC header.

Using logos in Graphical Reports

See the Graphical Reports article here for a full walk-through of Graphical Reports, including adding a logo. 

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