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Create Graphical Reports, add a company logo, visualize Performance in a PDF, save and schedule Graphical Reports

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Graphical reports allow users to setup customizable visual reports that utilize our set of widget options from Dashboards and are easily printed or emailed.  The reports can be scheduled to send on a recurring basis, making it extremely easy to send a daily/weekly/monthly report to key stakeholders with a one time setup.

Creating a new Graphical Report

  • Click into the Graphical Reports page.

  • Update the Report Title (this is required)

  • Optionally, you can include a company logo in the upper right of the report.  If you do not have any options in the logo dropdown, you must upload logos from the Settings > Company Logos page.  See this article for more information.

  • Optionally, add up to 3 lines of additional header text to the report.  This could be used for recipient information or as a report subtitle for example. 

  • Start building your report by adding your first widget.

Graphical Report widgets are the same as Dashboard widgets.  The Dashboard article describes the widgets types in more detail. 

  • Select your widget type.

  • Give the widget a name

  • Fill in the information for the widget (example for Chart widget below).

  • Select data fields.

  • Update Time range.

  • Update Granularity.

  • Review Data Series, update chart style, and show a preview.

  • You can continue to add widgets to the report.  Once you add a widget, you can continue to add widgets throughout the report.  

After widgets have been added, users will be able to see the report that will be sent.  However, the exact proportions of widget content and the breakup of pages will only be visible from the PDF preview.  The best way to see the report exactly as users will receive it is to begin with the Run Now option, as described below, in order to see the preview in your computer’s print dialogue.  

Run Now or Save

Once the report is configured, users have the following options:

  • “Save” - will email the report at the scheduled time and save the report to the Saved Reports page - making it easy to go back to this report and make changes later or re-run the report at any point.

  • "Run now” to print or save as a PDF right now - making it easy to print a one-off graphical report

To schedule a recurring report to be emailed, users will need to:

  • Check the “Repeat” checkbox and enter the frequency of how often they want to send the reportRepeat options are daily/weekly/monthly/yearlyWeekly options are S/M/T/W/T/F/SMonthly options are 1-6 months

  • Click “Save”

Saved Graphical reports will appear in the “Saved Reports” sub route with the type listed as “Graphical Report”.  This will allow users to sort the Saved Reports table by type to view all Graphical Reports together.

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