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Introduction to Alerts
Introduction to Alerts

An introduction to the Alerts page in LocusNOC

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The Alerts page allows users to quickly browse alerts for a given site. The page filters alerts based on given criteria, displays relevant charts, and links to the charting tool for further analysis.

Alerts Page

Select a site from the Search-Browse Pane to view all open alerts for that particular site. If you are navigating from the quick links on the Overview page, the site level will automatically be selected. Selecting a component from the Search-Browse Pane will limit displayed alerts to that specific component.

Clicking the “Show Filters” button in the upper right hand corner allows the user to filter results based on multiple criteria. Clicking on an individual component in the search-browse pane limits the results to that specific component.

Filters include Open During, Updated Since, Alert Status, and Alert type.

The top headers for Status,Type,Priority,Component,Opened,Closed are all sortable. Sorting is enabled by simply clicking on the header.

Alert Details Pane

Clicking anywhere on the alert brings up an alert details pane at the bottom of the page. This displays relevant alert settings, a chart of the component data related to the alert, and provides links to the charting tool and the configuration page.

Links to the charting tool and configuration page for a specific component are found in the upper right hand corner of the alert details pane. Close out the pane in the upper right hand corner to resume full page alert browsing.


Types of Alerts available in LocusNOC

Alert Acknowledgment and Closing Alerts

The status of an alert (Open or Closed) is based on the data we receive from the device.  There is not a way to manually close individual alerts.  However, you can Acknowledge alerts, which applies the label of 'Acknowledged' and allows you to sort these alerts out of your view when viewing the Alerts page.  Alerts in the Overview and Latest Data pages will also reflect this change by showing alert counts of Acknowledged Alerts separately.  See the Alert Acknowledgement article for more information.

You can also close ALL alerts for a particular component by disabling alerts for that component from the configuration forms.

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