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Publicly display PV performance data and project images that feature a specific project or portfolio

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Leverage the Kiosk as a marketing tool to show off how your system is generating clean energy

The Kiosk application is a public, web-based interface to display solar performance data and educational content. With the Kiosk, customers have the ability to display both current power output and historical generation from one system or a group of systems in an animated layout.

The kiosk is designed for widescreen high definition monitors, and touchscreen displays, and is compatible with all major browsers. With customized logo, project images, and real-time data, the Kiosk functions as a client-branded interactive marketing tool.


•   Open web application that does not require a login

•   Application can be configured with up to five sub-tabs which can show data from different sites or specific components

•   Choose from several stock environmental benefit equivalencies

•   A custom banner that is displayed on all pages and can feature project partner logos

•   Animated layout of a typical solar PV installation

•   Ability to display the kiosk with any resolution from an iPad up to a large widescreen TV/monitor with a VGA or HDMI input

•   Irradiance data displayed in the weather module


•   See near-real-time performance information with system data that is updated every 15-minutes 

•   Get a flexible interface that highlights performance data for your projects to help viewers understand how PV system components work together

•   Save time and quickly troubleshoot issues with remote desktop support from Locus Energy with the purchase of a preconfigured mini PC


Can I use a SmartTV to display the kiosk without a separate computer?

This is not recommended. It is possible and we have seen it work, but is not explicitly supported because of the vast variety of browser technology used by SmartTVs.

Can I change the colors of the kiosk?

No, this is not a supported configuration option of the kiosk currently.  

Can the kiosk automatically cycle through the timeframes at the bottom?

No, not at this time.  However, we have gathered this feedback and will look into it for future feature improvements.

Can I change the background of the logo at the top of the kiosk?

No, not directly.  However, you can upload a logo image that fills the entire space of the logo header with whatever background color you want.  For a standard 1920x1080 screen resolution running the Kiosk is fullscreen mode, the logo image should be 1920x180 (or 1280x120) to fill the full space in full screen mode. 

For a standard 1920x1080 screen running a kiosk in full screen mode, the size of the photo box will be about 1400x770.  That said, the photos will just scale to fill the available space, so its ok for them to be different from that.

Can I build a custom kiosk?

It is possible to build a custom kiosk by utilizing the Locus API, however, Locus Energy would not be the party building the user interface in this case.  Please reach out to your Account Manager or to for more information about cost and setup for utilizing the Locus API for this use case.  

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