Incentive Reporting Overview

Incentive Reporting Overview

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Locus Energy staffs a full time, automated incentive reporting team to manage portfolios for 11 incentive based programs nationwide. Those include the following utilities and government appointed entities:


Our team handles the generation data validation and submission requirements for each program, according to their nuanced processes and regulations. They also act as a dedicated support resource for any SREC related inquiries.

How does Locus Energy report to these programs?

The revenue grade production meter, Locus Energy's or otherwise, records generation data at specified intervals, which is then formatted and aggregated for monthly submissions to the respective program. This information is then validated by said program and SRECs are issued to the account holder for the given renewable energy system.

Subscription Options:

Locus Energy offers two service options, five and 10 year contracts. These can both be renewed depending on the program and enrollment specifications.

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